Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lantern by the Cavern

Digital painting by Justin GedakFigurative digital artDigital portrait painting

"Lantern by the Cavern" is a surreal medieval fantasy digital portrait painting of a mysterious woman kneeling in a patch of flowers in the woods.

Strapped to her back is a simple, yet exotic sword. An ancient weapon from a distant land.

This woman is a warrior and a seeker. A hunter and a hermit. A character who is unusual, and undeniably beautiful.

Waiting near the shadows of the cavern's craggy mouth, and kneeling in a patch of wildflowers, she glances off into the distance. This is to be her last good memory. Her last glance at the life she has known for so long. Her last chance to turn back.

Within the blackness of the nearby cave dwells her worst fears.

 She has decided to face her demons.

The little lantern will be the light that guides her through her nightmare. The memories of goodness and of hope.

Somehow she will make it though.

From Strange Waters

This is a surreal fantasy digital painting is a beautiful and mysterious blind cannibal princess standing at the edge of dark, murky waters. 

A dead tree lingers in the background like a foul memory. A reminder of the world and life she is wanting to leave behind.

Surreal Fantasy Portrait: Serpent

"Serpent" is a vampiric themed, surreal medieval fantasy digital portrait painting of a mysterious woman with serpent-like face paint, and a black dress. 

I see this character as brooding and seductive. Patient and poisonous. Cruel and unforgiving.

Her barbaric nature adds to her beauty, enhancing her exotic allurement. The darkness in her pale eyes is intoxicating. She owns any who dare to witness her unrelenting gaze. She devours their souls, and warps their minds. She is the Serpent.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Surreal Fantasy Digital Painting: Curiosity

Moody surreal digital painting by Justin Gedak

Face detail from Justin Gedak's digital painting Curiosity.

Hair painted with Corel Painter x3 by Justin Gedak

Digital painting detail of a necklace

Up close detail of a digital portrait painting by Justin Gedak

"Curiosity" is a moody digital painting I made using Corel Painter X3, and Photoshop Cs6.

After creating so many series of different types of artwork, I think that I have finally found my so called "voice" with these surreal portraits.

They're addicting. 

It feels as if I cant get enough of them. As soon as one's finished, I get ideas for ten more.

I'm looking forward to what the future holds. 

With this piece, I see the character as dark and brooding. Mysterious and haunted. Vampiric even.

But I also see an innocent curiosity in her smokey gaze. A glimmer of life screaming out from the shadows. A quiet hopefulness whispering that she'll be alright. That she'll make it through to the light. That the hate in her heart will one day melt away, and give her peace at last.   

Medieval Fantasy Artwork: Warlord

Surreal medieval fantasy portrait

Face detail of a digital painting

"Warlord" is a surreal medieval fantasy portrait of a lady in armor, and with a large sword.

  I see this character as a woman who is ruthless. A conqueror, and a warrior. Filled with a dark ambition, she dominates everything in her path. 

She is the unrelenting storm who wreaks havoc upon her enemies.

She is unforgiving and unstoppable.

She is the Warlord. 

Golden Thorns

"Golden Thorns" is a surreal fantasy portrait of a warrior with golden armor, and a black sword.

  I see this character as a woman who is burdened by responsibilities. Ones that she is thankful for, but at the same time hurt by. 

Her tragic fortunes. 

Her golden thorns. 

These are the things that protect and define her. This are the things that keep her safe. 

These are the sorrows she bears alone.

She is Ready

"She is Ready" is a surreal medieval fantasy portrait of a barbarian warrior with a large sword.

  I see this character as a woman who has made a choice, and who is about to take action on her newly made decision. I see her as brave and determined. Someone who finally knows what she wants. 

Her Heavy Crown

"Her Heavy Crown" is a surreal medieval fantasy portrait of a woman with a strange crown, blue dress, large sword, and long black hair.

I see this character as a sorrowful queen distraught by the burdens of her crown, the weight of her responsibilities pushing her into a grey melancholy. 

Becoming Her Monster

"Becoming Her Monster" is a surreal side profile portrait of a woman with long dark hair, and red and blue facepaint.

I see this character is loosing touch with reality. A darkness that is taking over, and changing her. Making her into her own version of a monster.  

This digital painting originally started as a sepia oil painting that I scanned into Corel Painter x3, and added color and textured brushwork to. 

Barbarian Princess

"Barbarian Princess" is a surreal portrait of a woman with red war paint on her face and body.

I see this character as a medieval warrior: ancient royalty from a place far away, and a long time ago. I see her as strong and quiet. As someone who, survives, endeavors, and prospers. Who drives fear into the hearts of her enemies, and who refuses defeat. 

Surreal Portrait: Pretty

"Pretty" is a surreal portrait of a woman with flowers in her messy, windblown hair. It was created using Corel Painter x3, and Adobe Photoshop CS6.