Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pale Horse: A Surreal Medieval Fantasy Portrait Painting

Surreal medieval fantasy portrait by digital artist Justin Gedak

 Pale Horse

Surreal medieval fantasy digital painting 2015

There's a strange stillness to the surrounding world as she rides her pale horse in silence through the fog.

She is thankful that she has made it this far, and is hopeful for what the future holds. 

Despite the horrors she has faced, there is still a kindness in her heart which has managed to survive. A calming assurance that somehow everything will someday be alright. That everything really does happen for a reason. That her many efforts have not been wasted.

This portrait was created with a combination of digital painting and photo manipulation using Corel Painter 2015, Adobe Photoshop CS6, and a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.

It was based on the photography of Amanda Diaz.

Digital portrait painting of a pale horse

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