Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lantern by the Cavern

Digital painting by Justin GedakFigurative digital artDigital portrait painting

"Lantern by the Cavern" is a surreal medieval fantasy digital portrait painting of a mysterious woman kneeling in a patch of flowers in the woods.

Strapped to her back is a simple, yet exotic sword. An ancient weapon from a distant land.

This woman is a warrior and a seeker. A hunter and a hermit. A character who is unusual, and undeniably beautiful.

Waiting near the shadows of the cavern's craggy mouth, and kneeling in a patch of wildflowers, she glances off into the distance. This is to be her last good memory. Her last glance at the life she has known for so long. Her last chance to turn back.

Within the blackness of the nearby cave dwells her worst fears.

 She has decided to face her demons.

The little lantern will be the light that guides her through her nightmare. The memories of goodness and of hope.

Somehow she will make it though.