Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Surreal Fantasy Digital Painting: Curiosity

Moody surreal digital painting by Justin Gedak

Face detail from Justin Gedak's digital painting Curiosity.

Hair painted with Corel Painter x3 by Justin Gedak

Digital painting detail of a necklace

Up close detail of a digital portrait painting by Justin Gedak

"Curiosity" is a moody digital painting I made using Corel Painter X3, and Photoshop Cs6.

After creating so many series of different types of artwork, I think that I have finally found my so called "voice" with these surreal portraits.

They're addicting. 

It feels as if I cant get enough of them. As soon as one's finished, I get ideas for ten more.

I'm looking forward to what the future holds. 

With this piece, I see the character as dark and brooding. Mysterious and haunted. Vampiric even.

But I also see an innocent curiosity in her smokey gaze. A glimmer of life screaming out from the shadows. A quiet hopefulness whispering that she'll be alright. That she'll make it through to the light. That the hate in her heart will one day melt away, and give her peace at last.