Tuesday, February 10, 2015

She Waits

Digital painting of Jacenne Lemonne by Justin Gedak

She Waits
Digital painting 2015

She waits in the snowy meadow, a blanket of darkness hiding her from the uncaring eyes of the outside world.

She dreams of hope, and of warmth.

Of kindness, and of honesty. 

She dreams of love, and the impossibilities of a simple life.

Of innocence, and redemption.

The shadows of the past torture her wounded heart in hushed whispers, While the distant light of the approaching future promises of better days.

She waits for those days to come.

She waits for her chance to move forward. 

This surreal fantasy portrait was created using a combination of digital painting and photo manipulation using Corel Painter 2015, Adobe Photoshop Cs6, and a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.

Based on the photography of Iraklis Makrygiannakis (Xeneras)

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